Synthetic Feather

"Synthetic Feather" is an algorithmically made knitwear piece created to accompany the HATRA 2020 Autumn Winter Collection "STUDY SKINS".
From the myriad of images that exist in cyberspace, the GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) algorithm generates imaginary birds. The generated images are converted into data that can be output by a knitting machine in collaboration with a textile craftsman, and the patterns that symbolize the theme of this season "Study Skins" are saved as sweaters. Following on from AUBIK, this work was the result of continued experimentation with new digital expressions that deviate from optimization, and was presented as a collaborative work by Synflux and HATRA.

  • Credit
  • Project Lead: Kazuya Kawasaki (Synflux) Design Lead: Kotaro Sano (Synflux) Technical Support: Kye Shimizu Fashion Design : Keisuke Nagami (HATRA)
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