Algorithmic Couture β

"Algorithmic couture β" is a mass customization service that provides module garments generated by machine learning algorithms. Based on the 3D data of the human body, this service automatically generates a pattern of each wearer and automates the design process of the pattern-maker. The generated pattern is optimized on rectangular cloth like Tetris and achieves zero-waste pattern cutting. Furthermore, the design of the garments generated by machine learning is made up of modular patterns, allowing users to customize shapes, materials, colors, materials that match their tastes in the online platform. The traditional fashion industry relies on tremendous manual labor and disposal.
As symbolized by the haute couture culture that started in the 19th century, the closed culture that has privileged handwork by craftsmen and whose value is the extreme shape created by designers has kept going. However, the participation of innumerable users in the information space becomes standard, further need for a new design process that allows individuals to design their own style.
This project is a revival of haute couture culture from the 19th century when pieces are mass-customized. Importantly, algorithms support “personalization” in response to a desire for our own style through personalization in the digital design process. This work subjects the symbiosis with artificial intelligence explores digital creativity in fashion.

  • Credit
  • Project Lead: Kazuya Kawasaki (Synflux) Design Lead: Kotaro Sano (Synflux) Algorithmic Design: Yusuke Fujihira (Archiroid) Technical Support: Kye Shimizu Design Support Yutaka Ridwan Hanako Hirata (Synflux) Adviser:Keisuke Nagami (HATRA) / Daijiro Mizuno (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Movie: Tomoki Yoneyama Camera Assistant: Tomoyuki Hayama Music: Kenta Tanaka Model: Tamami Ohbuchi, Miki Egashira, Shin Kayoh Image: Tomoki Yoneyama