Algorithmic Couture α

Algorithmic Couture α is a project aiming to automate the creation of zero-waste fashion patterns and digitize traditional haute couture techniques to create customized ethical fashion garments. Through the collaboration of fashion designers, machine learning engineers, and digital fabrication specialists, our goal is to revitalize the production system of fashion design for a more sustainable future. The project at its core consists of 3 main concepts; Firstly sustainability, through changing a polluting industry through zero waste fashion design. Secondly digitization, through digitizing traditional haute couture techniques into parameters for an automated digital fabrication production system. Lastly customization, through the mass customization of bespoke garments, provides customers power over parameters generated from their body data.

  • Credit
  • Project Lead: Kazuya Kawasaki (Synflux) Design Lead: Kotaro Sano (Synflux) Algorithmic Design: Yusuke Fujihira(Archiroid) Technical Support:: Kye Shimizu Adviser: Daijiro Mizuno (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Film: Tomoki Yoneyama Camera Assistant: Tomoyuki Hayama Model: Tamami Ohbuchi Music: Kenta Tanaka Image : Tomoki Yoneyama