Speculative Fashion

1.Speculative Fashion

While the global clothing market is expanding, we are living in the era of the "fashion paradox", with the contradiction of exposing the limits of mass consumption. The ready-to-wear culture that has existed for more than 200 years needs to be updated at the systemic level, and new ways of "making," "selling," "buying" and "recycling" are required for the next generation of fashion. By critically applying artificial intelligence, digital fabrication and biotechnology, Synflux speculatively creates a new fashion system for the future.

Design Research

2.Design Research

In projects that tackle social and environmental issues that are becoming increasingly complex at an accelerated rate, we draw on our interdisciplinary and academic knowledge of design and technology to fully engage with the issues and propose solutions. Through the design of user experiences, qualitative fieldwork research, and quantitative data analysis, we begin to prototype products and services by considering methods that reflect the insights of diverse users and consumers.

Lab-Driven Prototyping

3.Lab-Driven Prototyping

While respecting traditional maisons and brands that create beautiful human forms and crafted products, we work as a "fashion lab" to create new technologies in-house, making full use of artificial intelligence, digital fabrication and biodesign. By rethinking existing fashion cycles and focusing on "prototypes" that continue to progressively update garment prototypes, we are developing collaborations with apparel companies, universities and research institutes, including the social implementation of alternative platforms.

Collective Dreaming

4.Collective Dreaming

We are more than just a group of fashion, design and technology professionals. Our goal is to create the future with a diverse group of people, encompassing engineers, companies, researchers, artists, designers and other professionals, as well as the general public, consumers and users of products and services. We use our skills in workshops, design strategy and bottom-up design research to better collaborate on larger scale R&D, new product development and collaborative research projects.

Multiversal / Pluriversal Design

5.Multiversal / Pluriversal Design

We pluralistically design future lifestyles, treating the built environment where things and people work, the cyberspace where data and algorithms are processed, and the natural environment where plants and animals coexist in harmony, moving back and forth from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, natural and artificial. We will create an autonomous and decentralized fashion system where people who love fashion can create their own taste and share the affluent life with the world through clothing.